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Leewa Beauty

Ruby Round

Ruby Round

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Experience the exquisite ease of Ruby Round Press-On Nails! Our Waterproof, Adjustable, and Flexible nails are a stunning solid red shade that lasts for up to 2+ weeks of flawless nails!

Nail Kit Includes:

  • 28 nails in 14 inclusive sizes
  • Nail glue/glue nail tabs
  • Double-sided nail file
  • Cuticle stick
  • Alcohol pad
  • Instructions

 Dimensions: Medium; Shape: Round; Finish: Glossy


  1. Clean hands and let dry. Then, utilize the enclosed cuticle stick to push back cuticles, select the right nail for each finger, and set aside. Buff the nail surface with the double-sided file to create some texture. With the alcohol pad from the kit, clean the nail to remove any oil. Apply an even layer of glue (included) to the Leewa Nail and natural nail, placing the Leewa Nail just beneath the cuticle for a natural look. Press for 30+ seconds using your thumb to ensure full coverage and no air pockets; use more glue and pressure if needed. If desired, refine the shape and length of the nails with the enclosed file or nail clipper.


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